Why you need to be rich to be a racing car driver

When people usually think of race car driving, things like Formula 1 come to mind, a sport largely defined by its wealth and exclusivity. Perhaps you will think of Sebastian Vettel speeding around San Marino in a Ferrari, before breaking out a £10,000 bottle of champagne to celebrate his win.

This is for good reason, parts for racing cars are extremely expensive, especially when it comes to things like tires which need to be performance-grade. However, there are other expenses too.


Your best bet for becoming a racecar driver is to go through racing school, which of course costs a very pretty penny. Then, attend autocross as much as possible to pick up tips. These are also expensive. If you manage to have any money left, use it to start competing in SCCA events. If you do well enough on the track, you may get noticed.

One way to get around expenses is to make connections in the industry and try and work your way into media events. Connections of this sort can provide a means to attain expensive equipment. However, they are hard to acquire too.


While the vast majority of racing drivers are indeed self-funded, they will likely never get further than club racing due to the massive budgets needed. There is a very, very small pool of drivers who are funded (but not paid) but they are extremely talented and can bring sponsorships to the team.

With this in mind, if you ever win the results at xosovui you should use the money for racing school and SCCA events – it will be sorely needed!