Which Countries Produce the Best Footballers: An Investigation

When football fans tune in to watch live football only to see their national team get crushed, the first thing they do is try and search for way to improve their team. This usually sparks a conversation about things like youth systems, as much of the best players in national teams come directly from their own county’s youth system, and management, as coaches are the people who develop the best (and worst) players. Consequently, the conversation then almost always moves to figuring out which counties are currently producing the best players and why. With that in mind, lets investigate.


While Brazil are currently playing the worst football they’ve played in decades, the country has historically been a symbol of footballing prowess. From Pele to Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, a huge portion of footballs all-time greats reign from Brazil. However, looking at the current line-up, the team still has some really great players, such as Neymar, Lucas, Danilo and Oscar being very valuable players in club football.

This suggests that Brazils problem at the moment is coaching rather than a poor youth system. The current coach Tite isn’t making Brazilian pundits overjoyed for future competitions, but he’s only had a few competitions so far to try and prove them wrong.


Despite the harsh financial constraints placed on Spanish football clubs, the amount of talent produced by clubs in La Liga is astonishing. To name a few of the players who came out of such systems, we have David de Gea, Isco Rodrigo, Iker Munian, Thiago Alcantara and Christian Tello. This is only a fraction though, we’d be here all day if we went through everyone.

Spain’s fantastic youth system was made clear after the countries world cup win in 2010, however Spain also reached the final of the European U-19 Championship not long after, showing that this youth system will have undoubtedly produced many of the top players we see playing today.

However, many have argued that the coach, Robert Moreno has also had a huge hand in Spain’s success. The fact that the country has produced so many great players is really due to both the system and good coaches in both the U-19 team and the regular national team.


France is another nation with a history of producing unbelievable players such as Zinedine Zidane and Karim Benzema, however Frances youth system has remained productive and as a result, they defeated Croatia to win the most recent World Cup in 2018.

Recent stars that have come out of the youth system include Antoine Greizmann, Paul Pogba, Phillipe Mbappe and Raphael Varana. Many pundits have said that the teams of lack of success in previous competitions was due to bad coaching and bad management, however witrh Deymond Deschamps now at the helm French fans are much more optimistic, especially after that World Cup win.


Germany were the previous World Cup winners before France, and many consider the country to be the worlds best talent producer. Players like Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller are all recent examples of players who came out of youth system and had great careers both at a national level and club level. Germany actually came third in the 2006 and 2010 World Cup, and so are considered one of the most consistent national teams currently playing.

There are also many great players still in the team who came out of the U-19s not too long ago, such as Mario Gotze, Andre Schurrle, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Julian Draxler. Like those previously mentioned, they are likely going to be remembered fondly by history.