The Coolest Skateboarding Events Around the Globe in 2020

2020 may be the most important year in skateboarding history, for the first time ever in the summer Olympics it will be officially recognised and countries from around the world will compete. This is instrumental in finally giving skateboarding the recognition it deserves. Many of us probably have quite fond memories of Tony Hawk and his ilk when we were kids, but this recognition will allow even more legitimacy and perhaps even bigger stars to rise from this true sport.

It is quite strange to see skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics, a sport that does represent rebellion and counter culture to finally see the mainstream recognition it deserves. The Olympics have allowed for this rebellious attitude to remain with skaters allowed music to accompany their ride. Many skaters did push against the sports inclusion but the international recognition the sport will now receive can only be seen as a good thing.

Though I felt it was quite pressing to put this news of skateboarding at the Olympics at the start, we should not forget the classics. Perhaps the most famous extreme sporting event in the X-games will be taking place in Aspen for its twenty fifth anniversary. The X-games is the biggest extreme sporting events hosting everything from surfing to rollerblading, but it is skateboarding where it truly collects most its fame and legacy. The host to so many iconic moments, this being the twenty fifth anniversary will surely only see bigger and more ambitious skaters to truly honour the games legacy.

2020 may be the most important year for the sport in it`s long history from an idea, a piece of rebellion to this international recognition. The sports growth and appeal may peak in 2020 and the future of skating can only be seen as bright.