The History of Soccer: How it Arrived in America

America has one of the youngest, yet most interesting histories of any nation. As it stands most cultures can trace their heritage back thousands of years. And while a lot of American cultures can do the same, the nation of America that spawned of British origins is only a few hundred years old.

And the most fascinating part of America’s culture is the fact it is a culture of immigration. It is made up of some of the best aspects of other cultures that sought greener pastures in the great American landscape.

You only need to look at America’s food culture to see just how diverse their background really is. A typical food court will have foods that derive from almost every corner of the world.

But we want to look at one aspect of American culture that is often overlooked. The history of the sport of Soccer.

America is a land that is known for many sports. Each deriving from the cultures that make up the nation. Soccer is hardly the most popular sport in America. That slot is reserved for the great American pastime; Baseball.

But America by no means half-asses their soccer, no matter it’s standing in the public eye. But where does Soccer itself originate from?


Soccer History

Some records can trace the origins of Soccer way back to ancient China and Greece. Which might be a surprising thing to hear. But an early version of the sports was said to have been played during the original Olympic games held in Athens.

Some other nations claim to have had a hand in the origins of soccer as we know it. But the true home of the sport of soccer in its modern form in England. Known as Football.

But was is the big difference between the unofficial version of the sport played in different nations? Simply put, England was the first country to introduce uniform rules for the sport. Until then there was any number of different versions of the game, with conflicting rules.

It is interesting to note that a lot of play styles of certain nations seem to be influenced by the version of the sport that existed in their culture.

So how did it make its way into America?


American Sport History

America has a rich sports culture of its own. Lacrosse is known as The American Sport. It was invented and played by native Americans. This sport was passed on by French colonists to the early Canadian settlers. But most other sports played in America were brought over.

This included Soccer. The earliest records of people playing soccer, with the uniform rules, is actually in 1850. This is many years after America was founded. It was said to have appeared in New Orleans. Brought in German and Scottish Immigrants, two nations with proud soccer histories of their own.


Soccer in the States

Soon the sport began to infiltrate the rest of the nation. It was in 1862 that the first American Football Club was founded. By a man named Gerrit Smith. He was famously known to be tired of such disorganized team structures and tournaments taking place, with little to no regulation. So he took matters into his own hands.

Eventually, there would be two governing bodies of the sport in America. These were the United States Football Association or the American Soccer League. You might already be able to see how the country shifted away from the term Football.

In the 1920s there was a historic event known as the Soccer War. This is when the two associations battled it out over which one would become the singular governing body for the entire nation’s soccer interests. This era leads to a drop in popularity for the sport as a whole, which some claim is the reason Baseball became so popular in the eyes of the public and won out as the great American Pastime.

After this time soccer become a secondary sport within America. A lot of the more Latin-American based states had a fervent culture develop around the sport.

Eventually, America would start fielding a team within the World Cup. And while they have never won the Cup itself, they did come third overall in 1930. No small achievement considering it was their first appearance in the cup. Since then the have come very close to winning, but can never quite beat their old record.


Modern Soccer

Nowadays Soccer has increased in popularity. This is due to a lot of sponsors and companies in America creating more soccer themed merch such as nike soccer cleats or Adidas soccer uniforms. And America still participates in the world cup yearly.

More and more people move to America every year. And with its ever-diversifying culture, the wonderful sport of Soccer is slowly regaining a leading foothold in the nation’s interest.


3 Things You Need for A Cross Country Cycling Trip

Heading out on a massive cross country cycling trip is a rewarding experience. You will see beautiful sights as you take the less-traveled roads and get a serious workout along the way. But it is also a difficult experience and you need to make sure you are fully prepared for it. Not just physically but practically as well. So here are three things you need before you set out.


Repair Kit

Nothing is worse than your bike breaking in the middle of nowhere. With poor phone service and little chance of anyone stumbling upon you, you’d be forced to carry your bike and all your possessions on foot. A horrifying thought. So, make sure you have a basic bike repair kit. This includes chain oil and spare links. Tire patching equipment and a pump. And even some spare nuts and bolts in case something comes loose.



This is necessity number one! Cycling is a physically draining exercise and you will need to stay hydrated. Even if the weather is cold you need to make sure you are regularly topping your body up with large amounts of water. So make sure you always have a few bottles filled. An insulated one that can keep your water cold is a good idea.


Cargo Trailer

A nifty little device designed to make hauling all your equipment much easier. It attaches to the back of your bike and rides along with you. You will want to make sure you get a sturdy one that can survive any terrain. We suggest you read up on cargo trailers to know what one to purchase and how they work. You need to make sure they have all-terrain wheels if you are going along a particularly rough route.

Bases Loaded: Getting Started in Baseball

America is built on many great traditions. It is a proud, bold nation of people who hold their values close to their heart and wear their traditions with pride. And one of the greatest, most famous American pastimes ever? Baseball. No sport screams America quite like baseball. Some of the most well known Americans are baseball players. Babe Ruth. Ken Griffey. Barry Bonds. There are so many legends hanging in the baseball hall of fame and nothing makes an American prouder

But this article isn’t just a love letter to the great sport. This is for all those people who either have never heard of baseball and are keen to try it or those who want to finally take the plunge. Watching baseball and playing baseball are two different beasts. It can be daunting trying to step up to the base and swing that bat for the first time. So this guide is designed to help you get started in baseball, covering all the things you need to do before taking to the diamond and the things to remember while out there.

The Gear

When you are hanging with your friends and want to have a quick game of baseball, it makes sense to just go out in whatever you are wearing, grab a makeshift bat and have a good time. Nothing better. But when it comes to playing the sport for real, that won’t fly. You need gear.

The first thing you will want is the most famous object of the sport. A baseball bat. Sure, you could just use whatever old bat the stadium or team has laying about, but you want something personal. Firstly because the weight and strength will be different from player to player. Someone with more power behind their swing will want something heavy while a quicker runner might want a lighter bat to keep to their weight class. Places like have in-depth guides on different bat.s

Next, you’ll need a helmet. The helmet is worn when you step up to bat but it is perhaps the most important piece of gear. Safety cannot be understated. Pitchers practice for years to hone their throw. They become so adept at it that the ball if it made contact with your head, could cause serious damage. So the helmet is necessary and also regulation. It is against the rules to play without one while batting.

Know the Rules

Baseball isn’t as simple as swing and run. There are more intricacies to the rules when it comes to competitive level baseball than your average backyard game. To that end, you need to be clued up on them before you take to the Diamond. This is one of the easier steps as there is a wealth of baseball information out there for you. But you will have to put in the time to study the rules. But the best way of doing this is to simply watch more baseball. I know, a difficult task!

General Fitness

Baseball, like any sport, will ask a lot of you physically. Your stamina and endurance will be tested. Your strength will be pushed and your reflexes tried. It is not something you can luck your way through. You need to hone your mind and body to be at their best when you step up to the plate or take to the outfield. Whatever position you are in, you need to be at the top of your game. Not just for your sake, but for the team.

To that end, you want to start a fitness regime. This includes changing your diet to include more healthy and protein-filled meals that work for your weight class. You will need to engage in regular, personal exercise, and make sure you are attending a team practice too. Working out as a team is proven to improve the result of a workout and motivate an individual to keep going when things get rough. Which leads to the next point.

Finding a Team

Baseball is not a sport that can be played alone. Even at its bare minimum, you need two people at least. But a baseball team is normally made up of nine players (with a couple more on the bench in case of injury or exhaustion but there are only ever 9 of each team on the field at any one time.

So you will need to find a team to join, or go ahead and create your own team. The most incredible part of baseball is the teamwork involved. No one player is enough to win a game alone, no matter how good they are. Everyone has to come together and give their all. If you can find a team like this, you will have found yourself a home run.

Winter Vs Summer: Sporting Outfit Guides

Any athlete will tell you that preparation is one of the biggest, most vital parts of any sport or fitness regime. You can’t simply run a marathon, you need to train. You can’t simply swim the English channel, you need to be prepared. And preparation comes in many different shapes and sizes. They will also tell you that sports and fitness are often beholden to the ever-changing and uncontrollable seasons. Weather is the greatest ally and biggest enemy of any athlete. The winter seasons bring joy for people who love to ski while bringing ruin to footballers and tennis players. Summer is a surfers paradise but puts a damper on the mood of snowboarders. Weather is unpredictable and changeable, but there are ways to deal with it.

One of the biggest parts of sport preparation is having the right gear. You can’t go out in the winter wearing summer gear and vise versa. It’s impractical and often dangerous as well. Heat-stroke is a very real and serious issue that can stop you dead in your tracks. So we are going to take a look at a sporting outfit guide for both winter and summer. We won’t be looking at many brands or prices, as this guide aims to be useful to athletes of all financial backgrounds. There are many great sites and shops out there like tiux that can cater to everyone.


Summer is one of the most popular seasons. The sun and fair weather is the perfect outdoor environment and nothing beats hanging around with your friends, playing your favorite sport, and having a good time. But for those with a more serious approach to sports, summer can be difficult. The increased heat puts a massive strain on your body. Exercise naturally heats up your body and makes you sweat. Normally this is great. But during the summer months, this can be dangerous. To that end your outfit needs to work for you.

Shorts are your friend. For more casual sports you could look at baggy shorts with plenty of room for air to circulate through the legs, keeping you cool. If you are looking for something more form-fitting, make sure it is made of breathable material.

Porper sporting socks and shoes are also important. Most of our body heat escapes through our feet, so having a breathable sock on and breathable shoes will allow your body to cool itself down easier.

When it comes to accessories, you will want to invest in a water bottle holder, either one that can attach to your arm or belt, if you are running, or one that can attach to your bike. Staying hydrated is the most important part of summer exercise.


The winter section is a bit trickier. For normal sports and exercise you will be warming up while you compete so you can’t go wrong with a simple tracksuit outfit. Something that is warm, but not insulated, is a great idea to allow your body to start off warm, but cool down when you warm up naturally.

For those taking part in winter sports, such as snowboarding, you need to invest in some seriously warm gear. Large winter coats with insulation are great. You will want some firm gloves that allow your hands to move still without sacrificing warmth.

In terms of shoes, you will need grip. Falling and injuring yourself is a serious risk, so something with studs or rough soles will be ideal to create the friction needed to keep your balance. lastly you will want to invest in warm headwear. Keeping your head and ears warm is going to help you concentrate massively.

4 Surprisingly Difficult Sports We Think You Should Learn in 2020

2020 brings in a new decade and new opportunities. With this refreshing spirit it might be a good idea to sample out these four different and difficult sports.

The first of the four would be ice hockey, a sport most commonly associated with North America it has become more and more globalised over recent years, which has made it extremely accessible to newcomers. The sport is obviously quite complicated to casuals, with a number of obstacles to get past upon entrance, not only do you have to learn how to play hockey; but also, how to skate. The sports scoring system is the same as field hockey with one score past the goalie counting for one goal. What sets ice hockey apart from field hockey is the inherent violence involved, with players constantly smashing into each other and fights regularly starting, which are actually not broken up by any official. For entering this sport I would highly recommend purchasing the Bauer Vapor FlyLite Hockey Stick and the BAUER Supreme 2S Hockey Skates, offering a lightweight and durable performance, this gear will allow you to whizz around the pitch. The sport will improve your discipline and balance, and also give you a new found team ethic; as ice hockey is probably the sport which will require you to rely on your teammates most.

The second sport you should try learn is bowling. Perhaps the fastest growing worldwide sport bowling is experiencing a renaissance in its popularity. There are leagues for casuals popping up around Britain and North America, allowing for an easy entrance. For new players it might be a good idea to try enter these leagues in a team, so you can quickly learn from more established players. The goal of the sport seems quite simple, knock down as many of the ten pins as possible, but as anyone who has actually played can tell you this is not as simple as it seems. For bowling gear, it is perhaps most important that you pick the right ball and it must be said that the columbia is a great choice. The ball is currently the most versatile available in the bowling ball market. With an extremely high base speed, and yet an extremely high hook potential, this ball is bound to knock most of the pins over from the first hit and will be able to swerve into any leftover corner pins. Truly the perfect bowling ball. Taking a while to truly master the sport does have countless benefits, offering you a nice after work hobby and with the new growing competitive market perhaps even a nice pay day.

To take this list into another field I would highly recommend giving trampolining a try. Perhaps the biggest pro of the sport is the health benefits it can provide, a trampolinist can expect an easy form of weight loss and a newfound cardio level. Unlike the two previous sports mentioned in this list the sport will give you a new form of independence. As it just you and your leotard on the trampoline, this will give you a self-discipline, as you will become more inclined to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. The sport of trampoline is the perfect boost in your physical and mental abilities, as it does require intense focus. We all remember how much fun playing on your trampoline was during childhood, so why not try out the adult version.

The final sport in this list is Football, or soccer for our American readers. Though it may be the most popular sport in the world many who do not watch can find the whole process quite confusing. The sport of football has many rules that new players will find hard to understand, stereotypically this is the offside rule. Once you actually start to play these apparently confusing rules will become extremely easy to understand. Perhaps the best part of football is how easy it is to play, all you really need is a ball. You can go out with your friends for a simple kickaround anywhere, making it the ultimate social sport. It can be said that footballers are the ultimate athletes, as when the sport is played in an official match it will require a player to run around for a full 90 minutes. As the sport has a litany of positions you should be able to find the perfect role for you.

All four of these sports will give you new skills that you are unlikely to find in other less difficult sports, which is why they are perfect to learn. As it is a new decade why not give them all a little try and see what is right for you.