5 Outdoor Sporting Activities for the Summer


Rounders is a classic childhood game that we all must have played at one time or another in our lives, picture this, the sun is out with you and all your friends burning off some steam with a competitive game of rounders. There are two teams, the batters and the fielders, the batters each take turns to have a go at hitting the ball as far as they can and making their way around the course. The fielders have to get the ball once it has been hit and tap the batter to catch them out. However, if the batter makes it all the way around they get a point for the team, and if they make it but have to stop at a post they get half a point. Teams take turns at batter and fielding roles and the team with the most points wins. This outdoor activity is a great way of getting some exercise, burning some energy and testing your competitiveness against y0our competitors. Perfect for a hot summer day!


Bushcrafting is a great opportunity to test your survival skills in an outdoor environment, the concept refers to learning to survive in a natural environment without the use of modern-day luxuries that are taken advantage of. With limited resources such as a knife, water, limited food, rope, first aid kits, matches test your knowledge to explore a natural environment and create basic luxuries yourself such as a campfire and shelter. A knife for bushcraft can be found at an outdoor supply store such as Go Outdoors and would be an essential tool to purchase before you attempt any bushcraft. Having a knife for the purpose of bushcraft aids you when you attempt things like creating structures for shelter, cutting wood for fires, cutting through dense foliage and other requirements you may come across whilst being outdoors.


A great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air whilst getting some exercise and seeing the outdoors would have to be going out for a walk, jog or run. It has been scientifically proven that changing your environment and getting outdoors for a little while can drastically improve your mental health and overall cognition. Doing this regularly is a great way of getting some regular exercise and really does pave the way towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. As well as having a variety of health benefits, running, walking and jogging is a great opportunity to socialise with friends and family. It kills two birds with one stone providing the chance to get a workout in whilst catching up with family and friends. Walking as a form of exercise is very important for dog walkers especially, it is crucial to get your pet exercising as well as yourself, taking your dog out for regular walks not only keeps you healthy but ensures your loved pet can live a long and healthy life.


Football is a classic, whether it is played in a smaller variation as opposed to competitively, it is certainly one to get the blood and adrenaline flowing. This highly competitive game dates back years and I’m sure that we have all had an encounter with this popular sport even if you aren’t the biggest fan of playing. Teams must play in two teams against each other kicking a ball into the opposing nets to get goals, with squads organised into different skill sets from striker to goalie teamwork is vital in being a footballing success.


Something a little more on the relaxing side and maybe catered for a more seasoned player is golf, now don’t get me wrong golf can be enjoyed at all ages but because it doesn’t require as much strenuous exercise it is highly favoured by older age groups. It is also a great opportunity to do some walking around the grounds and a great means to get outdoors, which as previously mentioned is great for mental health. There are many ways you can get into golf and you will find that there may be a golfing club near to you where you can enjoy socialising with like minded golfers.

How to Become a Better Footballer: A 9 Step Guide

With football being the most popular sport in the world, and with so many people starting out at a young age, the chances of becoming a professional are slim at best. Consequently, there are some things an aspiring athlete must do if they have any hope of making it as a footballer.

Even if you aren’t looking to becoming a professional, there is always room for improvement regardless of what your end goal is – this is the beauty of football.

So, what is the fastest way to get better at football? Follow this 9-step guide for some tips.

1. Improve your Fitness

It is really difficult to overstate the importance of fitness when it comes to football, and it only becomes more and more important the older you get. You can have all the skills in the world, but they are effectively redundant if you aren’t fit enough to properly utilize them.

Football is particularly fast paced nowadays so a good way to improve agility is through interval training. After warming up, do a running exercise that alternates between sprints that last between 20 and 30 seconds and a slow jog that lasts 30 seconds.

2. Practice your First Touch

Having a good first touch is essential in becoming a good football player. Being able to control the ball tightly (with both feet) will make a massive impact on your ability to do everything else. Your first touch essentially dictates what you will do with the ball next.

Development academies will more often than not get you to start training with close range passing for this reason, and you should swap feet every now and again to ensure both are being properly developed.

3. Improve your Weak Foot

Getting confident with your weak foot is also essential in becoming a well-rounded player. This is one of the less fun things to practice, but it needs to be done. Even professionals are hindered by a lack luster weak foot sometimes.

4. Control and dribbling in tight areas

Being able to dribble in tight areas is key to your ability to play any position, even defense. This is particularly true in today’s climate of fast-past football, as being able to tackle is pretty much useless if you don’t feel confident once you get the ball. This is why it is so important for defenders to be able to control and dribble the ball well.

5. Practice passing

Another ability required for every position is passing. While most people think of midfielders when they think of players with great passing ability, it is really essential for every player to be able to pass confidently regardless of their position.

6. Set goals

Whether you are aiming to becoming a professional or just looking to join a local pub league team, it is absolutely vital that you set ambitious but realistic goals. This could be in regard to both fitness and technique, as improving becomes much easier when you have clearly defined goals.

7. Have a Healthy Diet

An often-overlooked aspect of athleticism is diet. Keeping a close eye on what you eat and drink is massively important to making sure your fitness stays intact. At lower level teams, there will not be a nutritionist to help guide you with your diet, so its up to you to make sure what you’re consuming is healthy and beneficial to your fitness.

Of course if you’re only aiming for pub league level football then the odd cheat meal is fine and even encouraged for your sanities sake, but your general consumption should still be carefully monitored.

8. Watch a lot of Football

If you’re not playing football, the best thing to do is watch live football, and get some real time visual tips from the pros themselves. For instance, closely analyzing the players who play in your position can be surprisingly beneficial. Aside from live football, watching shows like Match of the Day and listening to the pundits can also help. Make sure you take what you see and hear back to the playing field though, it can be easy to forget and simply watch for the enjoyment.

Even professionals try to watch as much game footage is possible in order to learn from other players and figure out how to beat them

9. Prioritize preventing injuries

Managers and coaches are going to push you to your limits every session, so it is very important to do stretches before any exercise. There is no worse feeling than making progress only to get injured during a match or training session, so never forget to keep hydrating and do stretches to prevent this from happening.

Which Countries Produce the Best Footballers: An Investigation

When football fans tune in to watch live football only to see their national team get crushed, the first thing they do is try and search for way to improve their team. This usually sparks a conversation about things like youth systems, as much of the best players in national teams come directly from their own county’s youth system, and management, as coaches are the people who develop the best (and worst) players. Consequently, the conversation then almost always moves to figuring out which counties are currently producing the best players and why. With that in mind, lets investigate.


While Brazil are currently playing the worst football they’ve played in decades, the country has historically been a symbol of footballing prowess. From Pele to Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, a huge portion of footballs all-time greats reign from Brazil. However, looking at the current line-up, the team still has some really great players, such as Neymar, Lucas, Danilo and Oscar being very valuable players in club football.

This suggests that Brazils problem at the moment is coaching rather than a poor youth system. The current coach Tite isn’t making Brazilian pundits overjoyed for future competitions, but he’s only had a few competitions so far to try and prove them wrong.


Despite the harsh financial constraints placed on Spanish football clubs, the amount of talent produced by clubs in La Liga is astonishing. To name a few of the players who came out of such systems, we have David de Gea, Isco Rodrigo, Iker Munian, Thiago Alcantara and Christian Tello. This is only a fraction though, we’d be here all day if we went through everyone.

Spain’s fantastic youth system was made clear after the countries world cup win in 2010, however Spain also reached the final of the European U-19 Championship not long after, showing that this youth system will have undoubtedly produced many of the top players we see playing today.

However, many have argued that the coach, Robert Moreno has also had a huge hand in Spain’s success. The fact that the country has produced so many great players is really due to both the system and good coaches in both the U-19 team and the regular national team.


France is another nation with a history of producing unbelievable players such as Zinedine Zidane and Karim Benzema, however Frances youth system has remained productive and as a result, they defeated Croatia to win the most recent World Cup in 2018.

Recent stars that have come out of the youth system include Antoine Greizmann, Paul Pogba, Phillipe Mbappe and Raphael Varana. Many pundits have said that the teams of lack of success in previous competitions was due to bad coaching and bad management, however witrh Deymond Deschamps now at the helm French fans are much more optimistic, especially after that World Cup win.


Germany were the previous World Cup winners before France, and many consider the country to be the worlds best talent producer. Players like Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller are all recent examples of players who came out of youth system and had great careers both at a national level and club level. Germany actually came third in the 2006 and 2010 World Cup, and so are considered one of the most consistent national teams currently playing.

There are also many great players still in the team who came out of the U-19s not too long ago, such as Mario Gotze, Andre Schurrle, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Julian Draxler. Like those previously mentioned, they are likely going to be remembered fondly by history.




Run your Own Charity Soccer Match

Soccer is loved world over. It is a great way to exercise and it brings communities and families together over the love of the sport. And raising money for charity is a virtuous and fulfilling activity. So putting these two activities together is a perfect way to get communities together to raise money for a worthy cause. Organising an event like this, while fun, can also seem daunting. So below are a few things you can do to make sure your event is both fun and raises plenty of money for charity.

Getting the Players Together

This is the first and simplest step. And a great way to also get people intrusted in fundraising and donating. Ask around your local community. Find people who are interested in taking to the field. While some may not be the best players, you’ll find many people love playing regardless and with members of the local community involved in the match, they are able to fundraise them selves and get more people involved and coming along for match day.

Organising fund raising

Beyond the match itself and the sponsoring the players will collect, there is so much fun to be had off the field and plenty of opportunities to raise money. Approaching those in your community and seeing what they can offer in terms of activities Everything from bake sales and cooked goods, to selling handmade crafts.

Another great way to get people involved is to look into selling custom silicone wristbands. A perfect way for people to show the cause they are supporting while staying stylish too. A great place to find wrist bands like this is at SleekWristbands.com.

Getting support from Stores

Don’t be afraid to approach different sporting stores and see if they are willing to donate to the event. Anything from kits and shoes to providing balls or water bottles. Often these stores are more than happy to be associated with charity work and get their name out there for increased advertising. It is a great way to build up hype for the event and make it feel more offical.

Going further, look at other large businesses that might be willing to lends a hand. See if they are willing to donate any products that could be used for a raffle for the day. Raffles are a great way to raise a bit of extra money alongside the match and they get people excited and committed to showing up.