Trying to Go Pro: 6 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Football Skills

There are many children out there that are part of local football clubs that dream of one day being a footballer. As they age, a lot of people forget about their football dreams, but if you are someone that truly cares about the sport- then you have probably been unable to move on. Becoming a professional footballer is no easy task. Every year, thousands of people attempt to go pro, but due to how select the sport is- not everyone makes it. Because of this,  if you are someone that dreams about going pro, then you really have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you are already a part of an existing local team, you may have the chance to impress a talent scout and potentially earn a place on the team. However, if you don’t think that you are currently playing at a professional level, then you may be worried. Worry not, as we have researched 6 surefire ways to improve your football skills and help you guys go pro.




One of the best ways that you can improve your own football skills is by researching. Football is all about method and the best way to learn about successful methods is by watching the gameplay of other successful players.  If you look online you will see that you have access to just about any game ever recorded. This also means that you have access to all of the most iconic movies and best-played games. You should look at all of the video clips that are available to you and try to take notes. Keep these notes in mind and apply them to your next game and you are bound to see a noticeable improvement.  If you think learning like this doesn’t apply to your own ways of learning, then do some practical research. Plenty of successful local footballers hold classes that you can take part in, so be sure to check if there are any happening near you.


Regular Exercise

This may seem like a given, but there are plenty of footballers out there that think football is all about natural skill. This really isn’t the case. All of the people that scored the most goals in the premier league didn’t do it because they were naturally talented, they did it because they worked hard to be physically fit. Make sure you are exercising at least 3 times a week, with a focus on building up lean muscle. Regular exercise will also make spending hours running across a big field much easier too, so even if you don’t plan on going pro, you can relieve the pressure on your body.


Practice Control

Though there are many skills that you need to harness to be a good football player, having control is one of the most important. Being able to control the ball will stop people on the opposing team from being able to get the ball from you, which will help your team win. If you are lucky enough to be watched over by a talent scout, then one of the main skills they will be looking out for is control, so make sure that you work on it.


Refine your Diet

Diet is just as important as exercise for preparing you for a game of football. Playing football requires a lot of energy and because of this, you have to make sure that you are getting plenty of carbohydrates into your body. We recommend eating dishes like pasta before a big game, as the pasta will provide slow-burning energy that will allow you to play the full game without running out of energy. You should also make sure that you are eating foods that are high in protein but low in fat, as fatty foods can give you high cholesterol.


Don’t Push Yourself

Understandably, if you are someone that really wants to go professional, you may want to push yourself. Be sure to be careful with your training, as overworking yourself may lead to injury. Injury can happen really easily in football and should be avoided as much as possible. If you do end up getting injured, you should make sure that you rest until you recover. Pushing yourself while you’re injured will only further the severity of your injury, so be sure to take the doctor’s advice about your injury.


Practice with a Partner

When it comes down to it, football is a team game. Because of this, you will never improve your football skills if you only practice alone. Make sure that you find someone who is also interested in football to train with. You will be able to test your own skills while helping your partner improve their own.

How Diving is Making a Comeback in 2020

Ocean diving is not an activity that is for the faint of heart, as you leave the relative safety of the land for new aquatic surroundings. Diving rose to popularity in the late 1940s as a cheap new hobby introduced to the British isles by WW2 veterans. Diving took Britain by storm with the youth choosing to have a swim in the freezing North Sea and British Channel. Thankfully, other countries with warmer oceans decided to incorporate scuba diving into their national diet making it a far more pleasant experience. Though it is no longer the gargantuan activity it once was, due to a number of factors, mainly due to a number of stereotypes that began to surround the hobby. This cloud is beginning to clear though and scuba diving is again starting to pick up steam, as this passage will explore.


What has been pivotal in the resurgence of scuba diving is the re-education of the general public. The 1970s saw the release of Spielberg’s Jaws, the film is seen as the original summer blockbuster and it followed a killer shark that plagued an American beach town. This tricked the mass American public into seeing sharks as dangerous killers. An idea that could not be further from the truth. Of the 130 shark attacks in 2018 only 5% of them involved scuba divers, and of this 5 %, none of the incidents resulted in a fatality for shark or diver. With events like Shark Week, the general public has started to realize the fact that there is nothing that really wants to harm you close to any scuba diving spots. The last Shark Week bagged the Discovery channel 30 million viewers; this means 30 million new possible scuba divers. This reeducation is pivotal in saving scuba diving, as much as jaws want you to think otherwise sharks and ocean life are both friendly and beautiful, and many scuba diving companies will let you get far closer to the wildlife than any safari.


Globalization has been extremely important in the growth of ocean diving. It is no longer a hobby for those who are lucky enough to live in a coastal town, but anyone can choose to travel to the coast and join in. There are also numerous educational sources now available for potential divers. The scuba diving subreddit currently has just under 80 thousand members, where people will share photos and experiences from there scuba diving journeys; and with websites like giving potential divers a real deep dive into numerous different diving topics and the hottest new diving spots; the website is a must for any new diver due to the sheer depth of education.


Finally, the drop in the price of scuba diving has been extremely important in the revival of the hobby. A scuba dive back in the 80s and 90s would likely cost just over a thousand dollars; this price is now sitting at a friendly $200 to $300. This price drop has made people more likely to take a risk on an activity that they are not guaranteed to enjoy. This is not just $200 to $300 in a simple pool of water, but some of the most luxurious spots in the world. This includes the Grand Cayman which is one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean. This price drop is important in bringing in newcomers to a beautiful sport, for people to have the opportunity to experience some of the most amazing scenes in the natural world is such a wonderful thought and it is important in creating a world that is equal in opportunity and chance, everyone should get to experience scuba diving.

Biggest Charity Sports Events of 2020

For humanity, sports is one activity that truly brings the world together. No matter where you go on this planet someone will be playing some form of sport. So why not incorporate charity? You do not need to ask yourself 21 questions to realise if this is a good thing, as this is the perfect time for a charity in this climate. This popularity has been used to raise money for some extremely important causes; which this passage will detail.

Run For Heroes

Run for Heroes is a UK charity that is relatively new; the event involves a participant strolling, walking or jogging for 5 kilometres to raise money for the coronavirus pandemic. The most famous participant of the Run For Heroes charity is the 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore who has managed to raise over 30 million pounds to fight this virus as this is posted. Run For Heroes has really captured the imagination of the United Kingdom with everyone from the young and old joining in or donating, it is a real light of hope in these dark times.

Big Battlefield Bike Ride Dunkirk

This bike race is not for the faint of heart. The race will consist of 70 miles of daily cycling through the battlefields of World War Two, as 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the famous British evacuation of Dunkirk. The question you must be asking is what is this gruelling task for? Well, it is raising money for the veterans of the world, aiming to care for their health, their welfare and their families. Surely that is worth the 70 miles of cycling.

The Dart 10 Kilometre Swim

The 10 Kilometre Dart Swim is one of the most renowned swimming events in the United Kingdom. For reference swimming 10 000 meters is one-third of the British channel, so obviously this is an event is for the more athletically gifted, but it is still for an absolutely brilliant cause. The charity aims to raise money for children with physical or sensory disabilities who will be given the chance to learn how to swim. The charity aims to build the confidence of the less fortunate through the use of the pool.

Sahara Trek

On the surface, this may seem like a gruelling task, but the Sahara trek is one of the most life-changing experiences you can participate in. Now do not worry you will not be stranded out in the Sahara on your own, you will have an expert guide taking you through the beauty of the desert, transported by camels and the chance to sleep under clear starry nights. This may seem like more of a holiday and less of a charity event but it is important to realise what this is all for. The charity supports the St. Catherines Hospis which provides the elderly with a peaceful way of leaving the earth. For such a good cause this charity event would simply be amazing to participate in.

London To Brighton Challenge

Another challenge that actually sounds quite nice. As the title would suggest it is a pleasant stroll from London down to the south coast of Brighton. The journey should take an estimated 100 kilometres, but the beautiful views of the south of England and the bonds you will make along the way should more than makeup for it. It must be stated that if this 100-kilometre trek sounds a little too daunting there is always the 50 kilometre and 25-kilometre options. The trek aims to raise money for the British Heart Foundation which supplies support for those with life-threatening or life-affecting heart conditions. A beautiful stroll for a beautiful cause.

Guatemala Impact Marathon

The final introduction to this passage is perhaps the most gruelling of them all; with the Guatemalan impact marathon. As the name would suggest this one is all about distance and endurance. After a six-day exhibition around a Guatemalan, volcano participants are expected to complete either a 10 kilometre, 21 kilometres or a 42 kilometre! Race through the lava fields that surround the volcano, even I do not know if this one is worth it! The money raised is used to put local children through education but even then, do you think you are up to the task?