3 Things You Need for A Cross Country Cycling Trip

Heading out on a massive cross country cycling trip is a rewarding experience. You will see beautiful sights as you take the less-traveled roads and get a serious workout along the way. But it is also a difficult experience and you need to make sure you are fully prepared for it. Not just physically but practically as well. So here are three things you need before you set out.


Repair Kit

Nothing is worse than your bike breaking in the middle of nowhere. With poor phone service and little chance of anyone stumbling upon you, you’d be forced to carry your bike and all your possessions on foot. A horrifying thought. So, make sure you have a basic bike repair kit. This includes chain oil and spare links. Tire patching equipment and a pump. And even some spare nuts and bolts in case something comes loose.



This is necessity number one! Cycling is a physically draining exercise and you will need to stay hydrated. Even if the weather is cold you need to make sure you are regularly topping your body up with large amounts of water. So make sure you always have a few bottles filled. An insulated one that can keep your water cold is a good idea.


Cargo Trailer

A nifty little device designed to make hauling all your equipment much easier. It attaches to the back of your bike and rides along with you. You will want to make sure you get a sturdy one that can survive any terrain. We suggest you read up on cargo trailers to know what one to purchase and how they work. You need to make sure they have all-terrain wheels if you are going along a particularly rough route.